The Corridor




When we are situated on the threshold of passageway, the exit of passageway looks downsized due to perspective. Walking through the corridor toward the tiny exit, I feel like there is something. It would be kind of an entrance to another space that we didn't know.

The passageway which I am pursuing is not endlessly stretched one which cannot see the end of this corridor but the passageway that can recognize the exit in some degree.

My corridor would be made of basic construction materials, plasterboards, timber, etc. There would be no ornamentation. At the end of the corridor there will be a blue plane. Viewers may see a painted square when they are waking through this construction. I believe that in the simple plane there is a limitless space, a passage, or some kinds of door to another dimension in this kind of suppositional space.

Carl Andre once said My idea of a piece of sculpture is a road. That is, a road doesn't reveal itself at any particular point or from any particular point. This definition by Carl Andre is metaphorical as it is profound in meaning. The image of the road that we observe as we walk is different from each point of the road we stand from, and the image from one point does not represent the entire road. I am going to do slightly different from what Carl Andre said, I will make a corridor, the one that has samescenery at any point with controlling variables. When People walk down the corridor the images of both sides of walls are same wherever they are situated. But they can feel the distance and perspective from the front.

I also thought the act of walking road resembles as sound, music. Music is a time-based work.Thus, while listen to it, it is still on running. We might think we had been remembering some parts of music . However, it is just a memory of certain image or emotion. If we want to call it for performing, irresistibly time is required.

Nevertheless, while walking, the images in corridor keep changing and music is running whether we notice it or not. Take it all into consideration; this research is on a same way what Carl Andre said.

Ultimately, I want the viewers to feel the space itself and concentrate on the plane in front of them. Walk into it and when they reach the end of the passageway, just feel the plane.


-Quoted from proposal documents for Wouburn Slade Research Centre