Yeojoo Park




In our modern society we often spend most of our time in spaces surrounded by four walls. Under these circumstances, it is natural to wonder about these walls and to consider them in a new light. Simultaneously, people crave an escape to nature from the suffocating walls that enclose us. Since ancient times, humans have built up their homes from elements in nature. I think this space has potential, and I ' ve tried to discover and express it on my own way.

By using only a few lines we can easily build space. For instance, we can build a corner by composing three lines. We perceive it as a space. As a matter of fact, the space drawn on a plane is not real. It is just few lines. Nevertheless, I believe that there is a limitless space, a passage, or some kind of door to another dimension in this kind of suppositional space. The square shaped area that I drew is not a merely a square: even though it is a simple area, I hope that viewers can be drawn into a new space for a while I want my viewers to feel my works as their mind. The wall or corner that I draw could be my or your inside world, the infinite interior of ourselves. Face the inner part of ours, go through obstacles and run. Such is our ultimate goal and aim.



• The Corridor, 2009